Health & Fitness Coaching

I have always had a strong connection to helping others and as a lifestyle coach I can help you improve your health & well-being by improving your lifestyle choices.

I invite you to connect with your body, to learn the language of symptoms and remove practices that work against your body and replace with practices that work for your body.

I will empower you to create a healthy & safe environment so your body can truly thrive and invite you to embrace the journey, to be excited about how your body feels and looks. You are going to look good BECAUSE YOU FEEL GOOD.

Healing happens in layers; spiritual, emotional, physical and medical.

Coaching provides support & guidance 52 weeks of the year, versus an hour during your training session. I offer a holistic coaching experience focusing on nutrition that is right for you, digestion, physical activity, mindfulness, relaxation and recovery.

Coaching is offered privately or on a semi -private basis.

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