Small Group training

Small group training

Small group training at Live Life Live Fit offers clients a fun and supportive environment with a maximum number of 5 people. This allows clients to receive a personalized experience in a group setting, as each member has different goals, strengths and weaknesses.

dumbell group fitness
Autumn run
Autumn run

Classes Explained

Cardio Fit

Cardio Fit focuses on improving your aerobic fitness and muscle endurance. All fitness levels welcome.


Metafit is a metabolic high intensity body weight work out involving high repetitions. It increases speed, agility & strength. Your metabolic rate is increased which assists in fat burning during and after your work out, up to 48hours depending on how hard you work.

Metafit is suitable for all fitness levels, therefore do not let the High Intensity put you off! However, it is best to have had some recent exercise experience. You work to your own ability and you push as hard as YOU can for short intervals of time and rest. It is extremely popular, and it gets you FIT fast, but it is hard work. So, it just depends on the type of training you prefer. Metafit sessions are great for people who are “time poor”. It is 30min and you are done! All movements can be modified to suit the individual’s capabilities.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is a 45min class of strength exercises focusing on strength, power and core. You will use a variety of freehand equipment (no machines) such as dumbbells, kettle bells & resistance bands. The conditioning component is to elevate your heart rate to assist with fat loss and improve your aerobic capacity. Every week it will be a different class structure.

Metafit PWR

 Metafit pwr is a circuit-based class using equipment and body weight training. It is a moderate – High Intensity strength and power workout. Your heart rate is in the high aerobic- low anaerobic heart rate zone which means it is a Metabolic work out to boost your metabolism, to burn fat fast and to build muscle & strength. It is fantastic and it is extremely popular. This class is good for people you want to combine strength and cardio but have limited time. Did I mention it’s fun!

Run Club

With the run club you learn different running drills and techniques, improve stride, activate muscle groups, strengthen & mobilize running specific muscles & joints. Not every class involves running; some weeks it is a strength-based class & suited to any fitness level. Walkers are welcome to this class.


Come walk with me followed by core strengthening exercises and corrective posture exercises. The walks will vary in terrain and distance. This class is suited to all fitness levels and in particular post-natal mothers.

Tabata Burn

Tabata Burn Interval training. It’s fast paced, low to high impact exercises uses bodyweight and equipment. Typically Tabata is 20secs work and 10 secs rest repeated 8 times however, in this class there will be a variety of work/rest intervals, focusing on isolating and compounding exercises. Great class to improve your cardiovascular health and fitness and burn body fat.

Booty Burn and Core

A class predominately targeting your Gluteus muscles , lower back, hips and core. Strong gluteus muscles reduces the risk of inuring your lower back, assists in stabilising the hips and decreases the risk of hip, pelvic and lower back injuries. This class is ideal for everyone; especially for beginners, people with injuries and runners.


Balance your mind & body with Yoga….A great class for all fitness levels, for every “body”. Improve your strength and flexibility; embrace the healing benefits of diaphragmatic breathing.