Nutrition & health coaching

7Body Basics Holistic Health Program

Are your feeling lost with your health and wellness journey?

Are your current eating and lifestyle habits working for you?

Do you feel disempowered by failed diets, social media fads and your own belief you are not enough?

Do you want to feel like an empowered goddess?

The 7Body Basics Holistic Program improves your wellbeing by improving lifestyle choices and it invites you to take a journey into self.

We all have choices and our choices have consequences that we are willing to live with and live without. Your choices will push your body towards a regenerative or degenerative state!

We ask you;

Do you want to become the CEO of your body?

Do you want to learn the language of symptoms? Your body doesn’t lie.

Do you want to learn the art of eating nutrient dense foods that are perfect for YOUR body? One diet does not suit all.

Do you want to feel your body is thriving physically, mentally & spiritually?

Do you want to have clarity of thought, no bloating, no sugar cravings, do you want to stop reward & punishment type behaviour, do you want to feel energized, do you want to improve your sleep?

7Body Basics Bombshell Formula

  • 12 month program
  • Masterclasses with international holistic health coach Ximy Gonzalez
  • Weekly coaching call with Lifestyle Coach Rachel to keep you on track
  • 25 Milestone chapters and actionable items
  • Access to your private online user area
  • Access to the fine-tuning food, digestion and blood sugar app
  • Metabolic tendency testing
  • Detailed stress load assessment

The SEVEN body basics program, was designed to guide and support you through a step by step self exploration journey, that will allow you to become an expert in you, as you learn to personalize every aspect of your diet and lifestyle so you can look and feel your best.


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