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Our healthy lifestyle philosophy is refleted in the quality of the products in our store.  We source only the best items to improve health and wellbeing.

We also now supply a range of Shakti products:


The Shakti Mat unlocks the benefits of acupressure to relax your body and ease your mind, in the comfort of your own home. These amazing products need to be experienced first hand, so we have a range at our studio for you to try out.  Click here to find out more.

Best of the Bone

Best of the Bone broth. Australia’s only “living” bone broth gelatine concentrate.

30-35 serves per container – less than $1 per serve.

Grass fed, pasture raised, 40% collagen protein, a liquid “living” gelatine. Consists of 20 amino acids – highly concentrated – critical components for connective tissues, muscle and bone health. Proven to play a major role in gut health, bone and cell growth, & in developing new tissues. FODMAPs friendly. GAPS & Paleo diet recommended.

Shakti Mat

How can it benefit me?

The Shakti Mat works in just 20 minutes. Spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles to support:
– Deep, restful sleep
– Healthy circulation
– Relaxation of tense muscles
– Soothing of headaches
– Relief from stress
– Relaxed body and mind
– General vitality